Lower fuel consumption

  • Avoid being stationary for long periods with the engine running
  • Being in the right gear

Lower CO2 emissions

  • Less sudden acceleration
  • Steady speed
  • Consistent driving style

Improve your bottom line

  • Fuel consumption
  • Tyre set wear
  • Minimising servicing and repairs stemming
  • Optimising insurance premiums

Defensive driving

  • A consistent driving style
  • Responsible driving
  • Steady speed
  • Smooth movements and manoeuvres

Drivexpert, a new tool for analysing and qualifying habits, behaviour and efficiency behind the wheel to promote environmentally friendly driving.

Benefits for managers

  • Lower overheads
  • Keeping track of maintenance
  • Data profiling / grouping
  • Green marketing image
  • CSR compliant
  • Rapid, proven return on investment

What's new

Quality initiative

We launched a quality initiative in October 2012 and hope to achieve certification by the end of 2013.