Lasting Safety

Drivexpert means better quality driving based on behaviour

that will enable an individual to become a more effective driver and contribute actively to risk-free, eco-friendly driving.



Develop good-40


And avoid not-good-40

A consistent driving style


Sudden acceleration

Changing lanes

Coming off the road

Defensive driving


Possible distractions

Smooth movements and manoeuvres


Sudden braking and cornering sharply

Steady speed



Calmness and confidence behind the wheel


Suddenly slowing down or speeding up


Choose lasting safety and discover Drivexpert Safety Score!


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Your profit thanks to the analysis of your driving efficiency

1. Overall vision:

Profile drivers on the basis of objective data and measure-ments.

2. Risk reduction:

Encourage drivers in responsible driving to reduce the accident risk.

3. Responsible image:

Reduce your ecological footprint and build a relationship of trust with other users.

4. Cutting costs:

Rationalize the cost of fuel, tyre sets, servicing, insurance premiums, etc.

5. Standing out from the rest:

Get ahead of your competitors by integrating an ‘Eco’ management tool at your company.

Drivexpert is the ideal driving effectiveness measurement solution for your business.
Contact us for a proposal tailored to your particular requirements.