A positive project: green marketing


Introducing a strategy for improving driving effectiveness requires a change in behaviour.


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The manager has to effectively put across a positive message:

  • Reduce your company’s carbon footprint
  • Develop a relationship of trust with other users and customers
  • Introduce an incentives and rewards scheme within the company: Best Eco driver, best Safety driver, and so on
  • Promote your company’s green, responsible image
  • Be the first to include a project like this as part of your mobility and sustainable development policy and a CSR strategy.

Drivexpert helps less good drivers to improve and rewards the best!

The key to effective drivers >>

Your profit thanks to the analysis of your driving efficiency

1. Overall vision:

Profile drivers on the basis of objective data and measure-ments.

2. Risk reduction:

Encourage drivers in responsible driving to reduce the accident risk.

3. Responsible image:

Reduce your ecological footprint and build a relationship of trust with other users.

4. Cutting costs:

Rationalize the cost of fuel, tyre sets, servicing, insurance premiums, etc.

5. Standing out from the rest:

Get ahead of your competitors by integrating an ‘Eco’ management tool at your company.

Drivexpert is the ideal driving effectiveness measurement solution for your business.
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