Technologies used

Telematic Boxes

A box fitted to the vehicle sends back data on manoeuvres and driving behaviour. The data are interpreted in the form of an Eco Score and a Safety Score.

Will be analysed:

  • manoeuvres: acceleration, turn , turn and accelerate, brake, turn and brake, turn and quickly change band
  • behavioural data: off road, high speed, sequence of crash, wrong gear, stop with running engine


Driver Feedback

Driver feedback shows the driver how well he or she is doing
Learning to improve one’s driving behaviour doesn’t happen overnight. That’s why driver feedback is optionally available.  This is a small screen that gives the driver real-time information about the effectiveness of his or her driving behaviour. (optional)


Different manoeuvres are analysed. These are indicated by colours: 

  • Red and yellow indicate risky, ineffective manoeuvres
  • Green emphasizes good performance


Website showing individual or group scores

You can view your vehicle fleet data at any time on the Website, which provides a real-time  Eco Score and Safety Score.
The application is protected by a login and password and can be accessed by the driver and also by the fleet manager. The fleet manager can display results for individual drivers or for a group.

The charts are illustrated to let you see the main results at a glance and the scores for effective/ineffective, safe/risky, green/carbon-guzzling manoeuvres.


Detailed analysis of each journey

Accessed via a standard Internet connection, the application recreates the journey, identifies risky manoeuvres, shows when the vehicle was stationary with the engine running, and so on.  The different events are plotted on a map.

That way, you can effectively manage your drivers and set targets for improvement based on objective measurements ranked according to ecological or economic criteria.

Analyse trends and pinpoint problems.

If you have to investigate a problem or plan improvements, as well as the detailed application Drivexpert also provides you with reports that can be viewed on-line or generated automatically and e-mailed to you.


Communicate and create a spirit of competition

It’s human nature to want to improve and try to be the best. Set your team a challenge and reward the driver who achieves the best Eco Score or the best Safety Score. By adopting a ‘green’ strategy you are also helping your personnel to develop.

On-line advice is available to support your drivers in this endeavour, along with the contact details of Drivexpert’s partner driving centres who can organize incentives at any time to further boost driving effectiveness.
Sharing results and interpreting them with the aim of progressing will lead to a strategy where everyone tries to improve their driving and thus to reduce accident risks, cut CO2 emissions and reduce fuel costs, tyre wear, servicing, and so on.

Driving parameters analysed >>

Your profit thanks to the analysis of your driving efficiency

1. Overall vision:

Profile drivers on the basis of objective data and measure-ments.

2. Risk reduction:

Encourage drivers in responsible driving to reduce the accident risk.

3. Responsible image:

Reduce your ecological footprint and build a relationship of trust with other users.

4. Cutting costs:

Rationalize the cost of fuel, tyre sets, servicing, insurance premiums, etc.

5. Standing out from the rest:

Get ahead of your competitors by integrating an ‘Eco’ management tool at your company.

Drivexpert is the ideal driving effectiveness measurement solution for your business.
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