Who’s it for?

The benefits you will reap from a driving effectiveness measurement solution will vary according to your business and the sector you operate in:

Fleet management:

  • Effectively reduce the costs per vehicle and per driver (fuel consumption, servicing, accidents) in a proven way
  • Look after your vehicles’ residual value
  • Negotiate your insurance premiums

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Insurance company:

  • Profile the data and the drivers, offer lower premiums based on objective results in terms of behaviour at the wheel.
  • Help loss adjusters do their job. In the event of an accident the little box records the data, so the sequence of events can be objectively traced back.

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Leasing company:

  • Look after your vehicles’ residual value.
  • Check the servicing status.
  • Control tyre set wear.
  • Reduce the risk of accidents.
  • Go for a transparent insurability policy and adjust the rates.
  • Stand out from the competition by offering a service with a future.
  • Choose Drivexpert in your colours and customise your application.

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Public transport:

  • Increase users’ as well as drivers’ safety
  • Take effective action to back up your mobility policy and become a partner in an Intelligent Mobility programme (less pollution, fewer traffic jams, etc.)
  • Be able to manage the costs in advance (petrol, tyres, maintenance, etc.)

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Human Resources & CSR Department:

  • Offer tailor-made courses that do not take up too much staff time
  • Give your employees individual support
  • Reconsider the place of environment in your company

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Short-term hirers:

  • Look after your vehicles’ residual value
  • Check the servicing status
  • Stand out from the competition by offering a service with a future

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Your profit thanks to the analysis of your driving efficiency

1. Overall vision:

Profile drivers on the basis of objective data and measure-ments.

2. Risk reduction:

Encourage drivers in responsible driving to reduce the accident risk.

3. Responsible image:

Reduce your ecological footprint and build a relationship of trust with other users.

4. Cutting costs:

Rationalize the cost of fuel, tyre sets, servicing, insurance premiums, etc.

5. Standing out from the rest:

Get ahead of your competitors by integrating an ‘Eco’ management tool at your company.

Drivexpert is the ideal driving effectiveness measurement solution for your business.
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